My Personal Phone Rules

Here are the seven rules everyone should follow when using the phone. I understand these are mostly unenforceable, but if everyone followed them that would be great.

1) If your message says you have a question, leave the question as well. That way, if I call or email you back, I’ll be able to answer it. More about that in an old post here.

2) If you need to leave your phone number, leave it at the beginning of the message. If the receiver misses it the first time around, they can listen to the message again and get the number at the very beginning. This will save them from having to listen thru the whole message again.

3) Whoever makes the initial call should lead the conversation. The receiver shouldn’t have to ask, “So, what can I do for you?”

4) Introduce yourself when they answer. Don’t assume the person has caller id or that they have you in their contact list. If it’s a family member or a close friend, you are probably ok. But, if it is anyone else and there is any doubt, just let them know who’s calling.

5) Don’t call someone and then say, “Hey, can you hold on? I have another call coming in.”

6) With cell phones came dropped calls. Here are the two things you have to remember. Whoever had the cell phone that dropped the call is responsible for the call back when they receive better coverage. This is especially applicable when one party is using a land line. If both are on mobile phones and it can’t be determined which phone dropped the call, then the person who initiated the call should try again.

7) Never ask the person why they didn’t answer their cell phone when you called. I never answer this question. Maybe I’m the only one bothered by this but I suppose there are others.

What’s so hard about those?