An observation from President Packer's funeral

One of my favorite moments from the funeral of President Packer didn’t make the final video release. I thought I’d share it here since I took a screenshot during the live video.

After the casket was loaded in the car in the background, Sister Packer and the family turned and entered the cars seen at the bottom of this picture. As the remaining members of the Quorum exited the tabernacle and saw they were not yet loaded, they stopped and waited for the family to enter the cars rather than walk around and enter their own cars waiting in the cortege line. Her husband is gone, but Donna Packer holds the complete love and reverence from the Quorum. 


I love this photo for another reason that was more apparent when seeing it live. When Elder Nelson saw they were not yet loaded, he stopped. His brethren in the quorum didn’t look around to see why nor ask each other the reason for the stopping. Instead, they saw that Elder Nelson, the senior member and probable President of the Quorum stopped and they instantly followed his lead. After 21 years of following President Packer as Acting President and President of the Quorum, the mantle has moved and it is recognized.

The mix of strength and humility in this group inspires me so much.