New Way To Keep Updated.

Each time I write posts on this blog I send out about 300 emails to people who have asked me to keep them updated on when I write. This has posed a couple problems. #1) Those emails take a lot of time. #2) There is no way for a person to ask me to stop sending the updates without them having to write me and say, “stop sending updates”. I understand that can be a little awkward because it might make me cry.and # 3) There are filters on alot of email accounts that would put emails in the “junk folder” if there are more then a few addresses on the email. So I made a change…

As you may notice, there is now a box on the right hand side of this blog that will let you submit your e-mail address and you will be notified each time this blog is updated. I thought that this would be useful for people who don’t want to check my blog everyday and just want to know when I have written something. (Not saying that there is even one person in this whole world who would desire my writing so much that they would in fact check it every day)

So here is how it works. As of now, we are starting from scratch. The list of emails is at zero. If you want to receive updates, please put your email address in the box and it will go onto the new list. If you have been receiving emails and have been looking for a way out…here it is. Do nothing and you’ll get nothing from here on out.

When you sign up, there will be an e-mail sent to you confirming that you want the updates. Just follow the link in the email and you are set. You will receive the updates when I post to the blog. Each email will tell you the name of the entry and give you a link to the blog. At the bottom of each email, there is a link if you want to stop getting the emails.

So now there are two ways to get the updates RSS feed and e-mails. now I just have to find something of interest to write about. (And don’t worry, you won’t get any spam from doing this. It is just for blog updates.)