For All The Mac Users

Some of you may know that I will be going to the Macworld Keynote in San Francisco this weekend. I have a few friends that will not be able to go (nor follow it online) so I thought that I would make it available another way. My friend Richard and I have been working on a page that is specifically written to be viewed from a phone or PDA. It is written in the wml language. I will be in the keynote updating it from my phone and it will post immediately to the page. For anyone on the road, or not in front of a computer you will be able to access the page if you point your browser to . Be sure to reload the page as I will update it as fast as my fingers can type.

This is just a program that I will run during the Keynote for those not able to watch. However, I am considering making this a permanent site (if there is enough interest). If you would be interested in the service being continued with general mac news. announcement, and rumors then please drop me an e-mail at mac(at) I am picturing this as something that mac fans can look up while on trains, planes and automobiles to pass the time and keep up to the moment on Apple news.

Hope this helps someone.