Notes From: Mexico City

  • Mexico City is just so massive. With 20 million residents in the area it spreads out so far. There is lots to look at on the way in. 
  • Food options are remarkable. Candace noted that it was “probably the best food city we’ve ever visited.” I agree. Luckily we averaged 25,000 steps a day to counterbalance. 
  • When you travel around the world and look back at the photo album on your phone, there are usually overall color themes. For instance, Switzerland photos are mostly green. Lake Tahoe is mostly dark blue. Jerusalem is mostly light brown. But Mexico City knows no color limits. It’s the most colorful country in clothing, food, and culture. For a guy who lives his life mostly on a grayscale, there was a lot to take in.
  • Taylor Swift was in town for concerts but we opted for Lucha Libre instead. 
  • When you’re an early riser like us, you can pretty much have the city to yourself in the morning. The streets are quiet and open. I’m sure the late night streets are hopping but I wouldn’t know. 
  • The metro train system works pretty well and is inexpensive. (5 pesos per ride which is currently about 30 cents.) Well, it works good, until stations are just shut down for some unknown reason and you just have to get off and figure it out or go back to where you came from. Adventures!
  • The flight from Las Vegas is just over 3 hours. The time difference is just one hour. (Both of these things are less than major cities on the East Coast of the US.) The entry is simple with no visa required. These things make it a great international city to visit and enjoy. 
  • Even with a short flight, I remain a big fan of the AirFly for travel. This little travel gadget lets you use your wireless AirPods with the TV and movies on the plane. AirPods perform way better than the plug-in ones from the airline and they are so much more comfortable. It’s also way easier to move around with a wire around. Plus, if you’re watching live TV, you can make a bathroom visit while still listening to the show. Highly recommended. 
  • The “National Museum of Anthropology” was so well presented and very enjoyable. 

Overall we really enjoyed Mexico City. We’ll visit again soon.

Notes From” is a series where I share observations from recent adventures. You can read more of these in the “Notes From” category.