Human Body 2.0

The other day I was playing with Cole and he started moving his face around real cute and funny. Being a long time allergy sufferer, it looked to me like he was trying to scratch an itch on his face. Poor little boy doesn’t know how to move his hands well enough to pinpoint an itch and scratch it. I decided to help so I took his blanket and played peek-a-boo with him but made sure there was plenty of contact with the blanket and his face so hopefully I was able to relieve him of the itch.

Doing this reminded me of something I thought of long ago. Without sounding too sacrilegious, if I was able to re-design some elements of the human body there are a few things I’d change. I try to make them realistic enough to be helpful but not make everyone the same. (For instance, not everyone can have rock hard abs.)

My Suggested Changes

  • I’d have itches be visible. The itches would have a slight glow from beneath like when you put a little flashlight under your finger and can see it from the other side. That way, I could scratch it for Cole without a problem. This would also be great when getting a back scratch or when your arms are full and need someone to get an itch for you.
  • I’d have a zoom built into your eyes. It’d be similar to the zoom on a camera. However, when you zoom in it wouldn’t stay that way. Unless you are purposefully zooming your eyes and holding them there then they would return to normal vision. This would make driving much safer because by default you’d always have your natural vision. The zoom button could be in your earlobe. The zoom would just be handy at concerts, sporting events, hikes, etc.
  • A person would be able to stop and start hair growth. This wouldn’t be intended for people that are losing their hair. You’d only be able to work with the hair that you have. But, if you had a great haircut you’d be able to turn off the hair growth and keep it for a while. Then, when you get sick of it just turn it back on and your hair will grow and normal speed. Maybe the button could be kept in your other earlobe.