August 2021 Stockpile

Knuckle Bender

I recently learned about a tool called a “knuckle blender.” It’s a wrench that is specifically designed to cleanly bend the hinges on doors. I ordered one from Amazon last week and my sons and I fixed all our sagging doors. Tap out the pin, bend the hinges in our out, replace the pin. It’s an easy fix that you can appreciate every day as your doors open and close easier. 

Barebells Protein Bar

Most protein bars are just not good. Barebells is an exception. They are really good. They sell a couple of flavors at our local Trader Joe’s store, but the online store has more choices and ships fast from Southern California. The hazelnut nougat is my favorite. 

New Macaron Champion

I need to provide an update to my macaron post. There is a new macaron champion in town.

Sugar Bees Bakery sells a crème brûlée macaron and Candace calls it a top 5 dessert. The bakery keeps strange hours so be sure to check before driving over there. 

Related: Normal crème brûlée is one of my favorite desserts. I’ve purposefully never looked up the nutritional info for it. As far as I know, it’s healthy. 

Labor Day Countdown

Today marks 35 days until Labor Day 2021. It’s a time for families to gather and other fun activities. As my sister recently suggested, it’s also the exact number of days for the process of full vaccination. (One shot today, one shot in three weeks, two more weeks for full protection.)

Find a vaccine location today. Attend those family gatherings with confidence of health for yourself and your family members.

Airline Refunds

Airlines seem to be back to their old tricks already. The emails declaring “we are in this together” went out the window with the PPP repayment notes. So here is your friendly reminder that if your flight was cancelled, you are entitled to a full cash refund and not simply a credit toward a future flight.

It took a few weeks of back and forth, but we had a sizable refund finally given for a trip that didn’t materialize. Keep fighting the good fight.

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