Notes From: Brazil

Another week, another ocean, another continent. We flew across the Atlantic and landed in Brazil. Welcome back to the Americas!

City Life

We began this stop in the South America’s biggest city, São Paulo. It was nice to be back in a metropolis where people drive on the right side of the street and there are lots of food options. We made our way  around with our feet and the trains but our house looked over the busy streets. One night there was a super strong storm. There were cars, dogs, people, motorcycles, and rivers. Somehow all the chaos works out just fine and we loved the front row view.

When you live out of a suitcase for months, everyone is pretty limited on clothing options. One day we looked down and realized our cycles had aligned.

We spent some time in the Museum of Art. We also walked down Batman’s Alley where all the walls are brightly painted with graffiti. There was a lot of impressive art to take in but Jane was especially impressed by the fancy McDonald’s we passed on Paulista.

Snickers update: Strawberry was excellent and tasted like strawberry milk. Lime had very little lime flavor mostly just normal Snickers excellence. The all caramel version (sans the nougat) was ok in my book but received high marks from Candace. Oat remains the best.

Beach Life

To see more of the area, we decided to take a bus to Rio. The views out the window are beautiful and the long-distance busses are so comfortable.

Bus stations on the other hand…not so nice. We were very happy to land a couple Ubers and make our way to Copacabana. We enjoyed some Zaggas pizza and the ocean breeze.

The energy of the coast is contagious. There are constant volleyball games…both the hand and the feet versions. The huge beaches are always filled with people running around and playing in the waves. We enjoyed lots of walks and beach time. (The only bad parts are the walks after beach time but everyone hates that part and we didn’t have to go too far.)

Rio Rites of Passage

Among the many activities we tried, we went to a soccer match at the Mecca of Brazilian soccer: Maracanã Stadium. It was a famed Fla-Flu rivalry game and it was very intense. Maybe too intense. Drums, flags, chanting, sweating, standing, etc. We were happy to see it. Once.

We climbed Corcovado Mountain to view Christ The Redeemer. From that location, you can see why the bay of Brazil is a natural wonder of the world. The view from the mountain is incredible and the fresh air is so nice. (Even way up on the mountain we were not as high as most of the people at the soccer game but I digress…)

Brazil Observations

We really loved the culture, food, and people here. This country has been on my list for a long time. Obtaining the visa has historically be a heavy process but it’s improving. 

More than once we noticed Brazilians doing kind things for people that they didn’t know. See a need, fill a need. They were often quick to help others whether it was helping an older woman take the first step onto an escalator or grabbing a shopping basket for someone who had too many things in their hands. (What can I say? I like to try new chips and drinks and don’t know when I’ll hit the gold mine of snacks…)

We look forward to another Brazil visit in the future.

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