Battery Spencer

I’ve made another change to this blog, this one a bit more obvious than the last. I changed the layout and look of the site. I did this for a couple reasons.

I just wanted a more advanced look than it was before. I’m still fine tuning this to work in all browsers, but it’s coming along nicely.

The image in the header is a depiction of the view from from Battery Spencer, just north of the Golden Gate Bridge. It is a cliff that has an incredible picture of the ocean, bridge, city, and bay. They used this post to guard the bridge and bay during war times. It is my favorite spot in the world. In times of hardship and happiness, I have visited this place and felt inspired and calmed. Here is a picture I took from the same spot a couple years ago.

I visited this place again this last weekend. Once again, this special cliff served as the location for a special part of my life.

I brought Candace there this weekend. After arriving in the Bay area, we picked up our car then checked into our hotel. She didn’t know, but her mom and my mom took a flight just an hour after us to this same place. They immediately went up to the cliff and took their positions in the worn down barracks.

Once the moms were in place, I was notified, and we made our way up to the cliff to “take in the view”. With the moms snapping photos, taking video, and trying to control their emotions, I surprised Candace with a ring and asked her to marry me. She accepted, and it was a very neat time for all of us.