October 2021 Stockpile

Sharpie Makes a Pen

Even though signing a receipt at a store is mostly useless, I still do it when asked. Recently it paid off.

Candace and I were at a bakery and I signed the receipt with what turned out to be a Sharpie pen. That’s right, the maker of everyone’s favorite permanent marker, now makes gel pens as well. I ordered some on the way home. They’re wonderful.

I went with the 0.7mm but they also have 0.5mm and 0.38mm.

Learn to tie your shoes…again

It’s strange how some small articles you read online can really change the way you do something meaningful in life.

For instance, I’ve been negotiating like a kindly brontosaurus for nearly a decade because of this one article.

I had another one lately about how to tie your shoes the right way. No more granny knots that fall out during the day. No more double knots that are impossible to loose on dress shoes.

Learn to tie your shoes the right way. (And be surprised how often you see others with crooked bows.)

Social Media is a Casino

I recently heard a speaker liken social media to a casino. The infinite scroll of posts is likened to no clocks in casino.

Each like or comment is a small dopamine hit that is enough to bring you back but rarely lasts.

You talk yourself into staying just a little longer because the next post is going to be the one that pays off big enough to make up for all the lost time and attention.

There are a number of parallels in the comparison. As a Las Vegas kid, it made sense pretty quickly.

The Friendship Oak

In Southern Mississippi, there is a 500+ year old oak tree called the Friendship Oak. It has a massive but worn canopy and this sign posted nearby:

It is said that “those who enter (it’s) shadow will remain friends through all their lifetime.” That’s pretty neat.

We were excited to visit recently. And we are happy to report that we all fit under the tree just fine and there is plenty of room for all of you.

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