Three Suggestions For Award Shows

Tonight I was waiting for Candace and Cole to come home from California so I decided to watch the Academy Of Country Music Awards. I’m usually not much into these award shows. (Mostly because country music seems to be more corny than country for the last five years.) Though tonight I watched as Garth Brooks did a medley of his greatest hits. There’s no way I was missing that. I have so many good memories of my childhood involving his concerts.

Anyhow, can I make three suggestions to those who present and accept the rewards?

First, those microphones that are used for the presentations are put low so they are not blocking your face from the camera. They are made to pick up sound from a few feet away. You don’t need to bend all the way over to talk into the microphone when accepeting the awards.

Second, for the most part you are singers, actors and entertainers. I think some of that talent should be applied to preparation of an acceptance speech. They tend to be quite choppy and scattered.

Lastly, let’s start a tradition to break the seal of the envelope while the nominations are being announced. That way we can avoid the time of awkwardness as the flaps are fumbled.