My Thought Process

My younger sister likes to poke fun at me because she says that my mind is always running. I admit it is true. It was confirmed again this morning. I rolled out of bed, hopped in the shower, and before 6 AM I had thought the following thoughts.

  • I think that I will make it a point to always learn the name of the waitress when she first introduces herself. It seems that every time I am eating out I want to call her while she is walking by but there is no easy way to get her attention.
  • Speaking of eating out, whenever I am in a salad bar I always like to try one crouton while I am still in line. More often than not, I get back to my seat and realize how good the croutons are so I have to go back to the salad bar. If I try one there, and like it, I know that I should grab more. Also, I will go back to my table thirsty and more excited for the Coke waiting for me.
  • The tubes inside of toilet paper rolls should me made of clear plastic so that you can see how best to remove the bar so that you can easily replace the toilet paper. I think that more people would change them when it was time.
  • I wish that itches were visible on your skin so you, or others, could scratch it on the first time.
  • The two most annoying habits when you are first learning to date are boys that think it is funny to poke a girls side and girls that think it is funny to take a guy’s baseball hat off his head. I hope those traditions stop soon.