The Internet Has Changed Lives Piece by Piece

My last post got me thinking about some other activities that the internet has changed. There are a bunch of BIG things that have been changed obviously, but what about little things.

For Instance:

-Learning lyrics to a song- I remember going and buying an album and then being so excited when they decided to print the lyrics in the CD booklet. If it wasn’t for that I would have never been able to sing along with Bone Thugs and Harmony or the John Michael Montgomery fast songs.

-Finding sports scores- When you were waiting to hear the final score from a game, you had two options. You could either wait up for the 11PM news or call a phone number and go thru a ridiculous amount of pushing buttons to get to the team that you wanted.

-Acquiring Movie Times- Nothing was worse then being 14 and wanting to go to a movie. You couldn’t drive to a convenience store to get a newspaper so you had to call the theatre and listen to ads before they started listing the movie and times. Careful not to miss your movies because you’d have to go thru them all again.

-Buying just one song from an album- I remember going to music stores in high school and looking for the “Singles” section so I could buy the one song that I wanted from an album. They rarely had the song. Instead of being let down, I would resort to taping it off the radio. I think half of my collection ended with the beat fading off then, “This is 98.5 KLUC…”. I was never fast enough to hit the stop button.

-Taking a poll of America- Shows like Hard Copy used to have you call in during the show to vote on a subject. It would usually cost a dollar to vote. Can you believe people used to pay a dollar to vote for stuff like this? Even more then that, the answers were usually Yes, No, or No opinion. Why would someone pay to call in and then have no opinion on the matter?

There are plenty of other things that have changed. Calling worldwide? Doing research on electronics before you buy them? Finding info on people, places or things. I dare you to not use a search engine for a whole week.

Any more changes you can think of?

Our Gem this week comes from Brett Dennen. I have been enjoying his album ALOT!! My favorite is Just Like The Moon but the whole album is really really good.(Brett Dennen iTunes Link)