Stringed Instrument Gems

I just didn’t like the idea of a ear wax post being my most recent post, so I thought that I would add a couple more musical gems that I have been listening to lately. I like these songs because they are modern acoustic guitar music, but have both been peppered with violins and cellos. When that is done properly, it adds alot of class.

“Morning Watch” by Dolorean. This album has been out for a while, but I just found this song recently. You can listen to it here. Or buy the whole album from itunes here.

The second one is “Somebody More LIke You” by Nickel Creek. This is from their album that comes out in a couple weeks. You can listen to the song here. Or you can pre-order the album from Amazon here. This song gets bonus points because the beginning sounds like the soundtrack from the original Zelda game.

If you don’t like this music, you can go beat up an annoying frog here or see what it would be like to jump into a big bottle of Sprite here.