Looks like I have some places I need to go! (update)

I found a neat new site that will keep track of your travels for you and color in the states as you visit them. It will also work for countries that you visit. The site is www.world66.com. I spent a couple minutes and made a map for myself. I thought that I was doing good on my travels, but after making the map I realized that I mostly visit the same places. My total count was 25 out of 51. (Includes DC) Looks like I have some traveling to take care of.

Here is my map. If any of you make a map, I’d love to see it. There will be a map kept current in “Links” list.


I have had some questions as to whether layovers in Airports count. Of course everyone can make their own rules, but here is how I decided it for myself. I didn’t count layovers in airports because you can’t see the state. However, I did count states that I drove thru in a car because most freeways go thru major cities and you see quite a bit of a state as you drive thru. So those are my rules, do with them as you will.