Book Review: 1776

I just finished reading the book “1776” by David McCullough. It was an excellent book.


As you may have guessed, the book is about the year 1776 which is when the Declaration of Independance was signed and when the American revolution started in full swing. Unexpectedly, this book focuses very little on the signing of the Declaration. If anything, it portrays it as a big boost to the American army to know for what they aim.

The book is written in the perfect way. Rather than just giving you the facts, the author presents the story of the Revolution as…well…a story. You feel as if you stand with the soldiers in awe of the majestic George Washington. Yet, you also feel the pain and fear that Washington feels. His incredible plan for the re-taking of Boston literally gave me chills for the whole time I read it.

I also appreciated the way the author portrayed the English and their King. They weren’t complete bumbling idiots as they are often portrayed. (Though, their feelings for the Americans and their “revolution” are accurately presented.)

I think that every American should read this book. It’s amazing that just 230 years later, we are very unfamiliar with all that happened.