High Mountaintops and an even higher ego

After making a map earlier this week of the states that I have been to, I decided that the NW and SE were too empty. So yesterday I took a flight up here to Seattle to meet my dad who is here on a business trip. So the updated map is


I like it up here. It reminds me alot of Northern California, which I like very much. I flew into Seattle but didn’t spend alot of time there. While I was at the airport, I was waiting on the curb for the rental car company to come and pick me up. As I was waiting, a man pulled up in a really nice Mercedes S-Class. He pulled up to the curb, popped the trunk, and was waiting on the curb for his friend to arrive. He was one of those guys that is easy to despise. With the look on his face that said, “I am too good to be here.”. He made snide remarks to a woman and a child as the child brushed by him and let her luggage hit his leg. He couldn’t believe that the kid couldn’t recognize his greatness I guess.

Well, since I was there with nothing to do, and he was there even though having everything else to do, I thought I would have a little fun. With the other recently arrived passengers as my audience, I approached the man.

“Excuse me?” I said, as he turned his nose downward and slowly looked my direction.
“Are you with the rental car company? They didn’t really tell me what to look for other than a blue car.”

I wish I could have had a camera to capture the look in his eye. His answer was “No” but his look was “I can’t believe you could mistake me for a man with such a trivial job.”

“Alright,” I replied “You just had the look so I thought I’d ask.” As I turned away and gave a little wink to the family that was earlier scoffed by the prune. That was fun.

After meeting with the real Rental Car Reo, I got my car and headed North to Whatcom County. It is really pretty with just the right mix of mountains, trees, water and plains. Along the way I explored a beautiful lake up in the mountains, stopped and met some nice folks at Skagit Community College, and had a tour of the Whatcom County Museum. I saw a stuffed wolverine in there. That was interesting. Those animals are scary.