I almost want to buy the car

I just came across the coolest commercial that I have ever seen. It is a commercial by Volkswagen for the old/new Golf GTI. The Golf is an old car that was really popular, but it has been redone for 2005. In order to show that, they took another old “thing” and updated it. They chose the famous clip of Gene Kelly , “Singing in the Rain”.

Using computer effects, Gene Kelly’s “old” dance changes from dancing in the rain to breakdancing in the rain. They rebuilt the street that he danced on then three different dancers tried to follow the same route that Mr Kelly took, but with the new style of dancing. Finally, they superimposed the face of gene Kelly to the face of the dancers. What a great job!!
(No doubt this was all done on a Mac. When I find proof that it was, I’ll post it.)

Check out the video here