I'm Just Not Sure Why

I know that usually I will write about music that I like, but this time I don’t know. There is an album by “The Streets” called “A Grand Don’t come Easy” and I just can’t tell if I like it or not. I enjoy listening to it but I can’t tell if I like it. I think that I am mostly just intrigued by it. You see, this rapper is out of England. The American rappers are popular in England, but this is an English rapper that is popular in England.

I was reading an article about a man who was late for work and blamed it on his iPod. He said that he got on the subway in New York City and flipped his iPod on. He was listening to “The Streets” album and next thing he knows he missed his stop by 10 stops. He wasn’t paying attention to anything because he said that he was “just so intrigued by the sound.” Well, of course with an introduction like that I had to locate the album myself. And Mr. Tardy-to-work is right, it is a different kind of sound that you want to listen to. There is something strange about a man rapping about the life of guns and drugs in a proper English accent. Those of you who read this in England probably won’t get the irony of it.

I thought that i would include a sample of it so all of you know what I am talking about. It’s the first minute and a half of a song called “Fit But You Know It”. It is rap (I guess that is what it would classify under) but there are no cuss words in it so listen with confidence. The song is here. If you take the time to listen, comment on what you think. Help me get a grasp on this.