Flowers In My Hair...Check

Tomorrow, Candace and I are going to head to San Francisco with The Sorensens. I’m always excited to go to San Francisco and eat at El Farolito’s, but this time I am especially excited. I get to go and see James Taylor.


This is my tenth time seeing JT, but this time it is special for a few reasons.

1) Candace has never been to one of his concerts but she’ll be going with me this time. (Baby slim will be there too…but I don’t know how much he’ll hear.)

2) He usually plays large stadiums, but this time he is playing at the Orpheum Theater. This is a small venue that only holds a couple thousand people.

3) James Taylor concerts make me giddy like a school girl.

4) I’ll be sitting front row. I’ve never sat this close before. For so many years I have been trying to make my guitar style sound like his and finally I’ll be close enough to see if I have the correct technique.

5) The final song of a JT concert is always a bitter sweet for me. He usually plays “You Can Close Your Eyes“, which is my favorite song. But, that also means that the concert is over. This time the concert will end, but I’ll still be in San Francisco so that helps.