San Francisco Week

I spent this last week in San Francisco. I always enjoy visiting this city. In fact, I’ve visited 44 times since I returned from the Bay Area, where I served as a Mormon missionary. I just can’t get enough of it.

This most recent visit was a trip for work. My company,, had a booth at Macworld and I stayed with the booth to introduce our service to expo attendees.

My good friends Richard, Kevin and Alan Miller also attended the expo so it was fun to enjoy the city with them. On Friday morning, Kevin and I went over to the Transbay Terminal at 5:30 am so we could catch the bus out to Treasure Island, CA.

City Sunrise

I love the view from Treasure Island. For a long time I had heard that the sunrise view is great as well.

It was really cold on the island. The wind comes off the ocean and continues to rush over the bay. Since the island is so flat, there are no natural barriers so it cuts right to your bones. The wind and my frozen fingers made it quite hard for me to get a really good focus.

Once the sun was up, it was starting to go into perfect position. But then, a huge ship comes creeping under the Bay Bridge and slowly covers up the city. I think it may have been competing for the “Slowest Boat In The World” record and it blocked the city during most of the ideal light.

Despite the ship and the cold winter wind, I did my best to get a nice panorama of the city. You can see the image above or you can check out the large and very large one.