See The World With Flickr

I’ve changed the look of this site again. One of the new features is a Flickr badge in my sidebar.

Flickr is a great tool to share pictures. I recently purchased a Pro account so that I can upload alot more pictures there. If you click on any picture in the badge, you’ll be taken to my Flickr page and can go through all of my public pictures. Or you can visit

There are alot of neat features on Flickr.

  • Tags: WIth Tags you can mark a photo as dealing with a certain subject. A picture can have more then one tag. What I love about Tags is that you can basically see the whole world using Flickr. For instance, you want to see some great shots of the Golden Gate Bridge? Take a look at all pictures tagged with goldengate. Never been to Rome? See the pictures tagged with Rome. All the members tag their photos and when you search by tags you will see all the latest photos from all the members.
  • Comments: All of the pictures have the ability to be commented on. It is always nice for a photographer to have his pictures commented on.
  • Photo Sets: When you upload pictures to your account, you can make sets. This is nice if you attend a party or gathering and want to share your pictures with everone there. For instance, recently I went to my neice’s birthday party and took some photos. For those who were at the party (or for those who missed it) you can see the pictures at
  • All Sizes: Each picture you look at on my Flickr account are scaled down sizes of the image. If you want to see the full size picture you can click the “All Sizes” above each picture. There you will see the original image. This is nice because anyone can download any picture they want. For instance, if grandma missed the birthday party and wants copies of the pictures, she can download any of them to have on her own computer. From now on, if I take pictures of an event, anyone who wants to see and copy the images can visit my Flickr page.
  • Order Prints: Another button above each picture is “Order Prints”. As you would expect, pushing this button will let you order prints of the picture to be sent to you.
  • Slideshows: Almost every page with pictures will give you the option of watching them as a slideshow. This is great fun to do.
  • Add Notes: Another fun thing to do is to add notes to a picture. YOu can select a part of a picture and make a comment about it. See this photo for an example.

There are a ton more interesting things on Flickr, but part of the fun is exploring.

Flickr photos are a funny thing. Everyone loves to look at pictures taken by their friends, but no one thinks that others would want to look at the pictures you take. I think this is false. I would love to see pictures that you take. Basic Flickr accounts are free. (Pro accounts only cost 2 dollars a month.) There are plenty of tools to make it easy to upload to Flickr. (plugin for iphoto)

If any of you have (or get) an account with Flickr, please tell me about it. If you don’t want to make it too public in these comments, then send me an email. I will be sure to visit and comment on your pictures. Feel free to visit any of my pictures. If you are an RSS user, the feed is here. My only rule is that if you are going to download a picture, the price to pay is one comment on the photo. Fair?