Cole's Big Morning Stretches

The other day I was telling a friend that morning is my favorite time of day. I’ve always loved getting up early, but with Cole it is even more fun.

Candace still gets up with Cole once or twice a night so she is quite tired in the morning. I’ll usually get up early and when I hear Cole stirring I rush in there because it’s playtime. He always wakes up so happy. He is usually just laying there waiting for me and when he sees me he greets me with a smile. He’s all wrapped up tight in what I call his “Torture Blanket” and I love unwrapping him. He gets wiggling as soon as I start the unwrap. As soon as his arms are free, they’ll shoot above his head for the big morning stretch. He obviously loves the freedom. Once done with that, he lifts his arms up to me ready to be lifted out. (An invitation I quickly and gratefully accept.)

This morning I brought the video camera in there with me. Since the sun hadn’t come up yet, it is pretty dark. But, I was able to lighten it a bit in the new iMovie.

If you’d like to see his big stretch, the movie is below. (I’m thinking only aunts and grandmas will really be interested in this but oh well.)

[QUICKTIME 480 272 false true]