My March Stockpile

Random things to post but that don’t deserve their own post.

1) I think that Amazon Prime Shipping is simply the best deal on the web. Nearly anything you need to buy can be found on but the big drawback for a lot of people is the shipping charges and time. But with Amazon Prime, you pay a yearly fee and then everything you buy from Amazon is 2 day shipping for free, or overnight shipping for $3.99 no matter how big the object it.

Keep this in mind when it comes time to go Christmas shopping.

2) Is there anything that goes from really funny to really awkward faster then someone breathing helium. For the first few seconds, the voice is great. But after 10 seconds, the helium-ed person has slid into fake high voice without knowing it, but everyone else in the room can tell.

3) I’m not a big fan on forwarded emails. By “not a big fan” I mean I usually just delete them. Here are my three rules for forwards that I’ll actually read.

  • The person doing the forwarding must send more personal emails to you then they do forwards. If you don’t hear from someone for 6 months and then you get forwards, naughty.
  • Please don’t send me an email warning me of something. There is a good chance that it is fake, and if it isn’t fake I’m sure I’m aware of it already. Snopes, it does a body good.
  • If it really is a funny joke, or a good true story, the forward should have a personal message at the top and should have all other clutter removed from the email. (e.g., other emails, advertisements, etc.)

What’s so hard about that?

4) A few days ago Cole said “Da da” for the first time. It was awesome. When Candace and I realized what he just said, we were quite excited. All the attention embarrassed cole and he ducked behind a pillow with a smile.

He’s my buddy.