Five Characteristics I Admire

  • Reliability – I love to know that I can rely on someone. This is the thing I respect most about my dad. When he says something will be done, it is always done. Without exception. This characteristic requires a perfect record and that is why it is so rare.
  • Enthusiasm – We have become a society of constant sensation. It’s numbing people. People are becoming excited and enthusiastic much less often. I believe that when you show excitement, people are much more likely to treat you well. They enjoy your enthusiasm. My wife is superb at this getting giddy and I love it.
  • Punctuality – I have an especially hard time when people are late to planned meetings. I believe that tardiness is another way of saying, “I don’t respect you or your time. Whatever I was doing was more important than what you and I will be doing.” I understand that sometimes things happen, but very often those “things” are avoidable. Follow the fifteen minute rule and it will change your life. Whenever you are leaving to a meeting, a show, to chatch a plane, etc, determine the time you should leave and then leave 15 minutes earlier. Your day will be less stressful. Your drive will be more enjoyable. I promise you will never regret getting there a few minutes early. This is applicable to big business meetings and to little family gatherings. This world caters more and more to people that are late. I believe it should be the opposite. Meetings should always start on time no matter the missing attendants. Planes should always leave on time. You get the point. Didn’t mean to go all Adolf.
  • Ability to Analyze – I think that a good mind should always be thinking about the “why’s and how’s”. I enjoy thinking about things and I enjoy having conversations with other people that think. Learn one thing new everyday and tell someone about it. You’ll always be an interesting person.
  • Kindness To Others – Many people are nice, but putting the needs of others above your own could possibly be the hardest characteristic to perfect. However, I know a few people that do it very well and they seem to be among the happiest people I know. Strange how that happens.